Tom Swirly joined Verge in 1989 and stayed with them for 20 years...

Verge's multimedia performances, which included live processed video, extravagant theatrical presentations and elaborate pranks, were the highlight of a series of psychedelic acid parties in the Williamsburg art space The Joseph Glickman House for several years in the early nineties.

Unfortunately, there are few if any videos preserved from that period. You'll have to be content with a much later video from Verge's 20th Anniversary show in 2010 (yes, it was one year late...):

Breaking! Newly discovered video from Verge 1993's outdoor performance at the New York public marathon, doing a Tom Swirly song, "Hurry Up" with Mr. Swirly on electronic wind instrument "bass" and then on the real thing:

Even more breaking! One more from the vaults! Perhaps the only existing video of one of our multimedia performances, this one is a live broadcast from around 1994: